About JSO Mass

Here at JSO Mass, we take the state of Massachusetts seriously, as in we love it! We are going to discuss the best things about Massachusetts and why you should either move or live there. We will of course talk about other states as well, but Mass is going to be our first and foremost topic of conversation. If you also love Massachusetts, you should give us a shout in the comment box below, and let us know what your favorite part of Mass is. You never know, some of yours may be the same as some of ours!

Boston is an incredible place!

There really is no place like Boston, and if you haven’t travelled there, then you need to do that soon!

Once we get going on this blog, you will be able to hear about the different parts of the state of Massachusetts and what we feel sets it apart as the best state in America. This is a big bias, but one we feel very strongly about.

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