Featured: Watching football with Grandma

My grandma Lois loves watching football, and she loves her Patriots just like I do. And as I learned this last weekend, she has started to make a day out of it. She lives in White Plains, NY, and has become a hit at one of the local sports bars called Bob Hyland’s Sports Page Pub.

But when I say she wants to make a day out of it, she truly makes a day out of it. One of her friends in town named Tony owns a Limo Company, and she calls him every week to take her down to Hyland’s and watch the games. Since I was in town, I had the pleasure of being escorted around town by her, and introduced to what seemed like everyone in White Plains.… read more

It’s football season

Football season is finally upon us, and we absolutely love this time of year. We’re guessing that most of you reading this blog┬áprobably love football season as well, but if not, we’ll try to pump you up the best way we know how.

Because we’re from Mass, you can probably guess that we absolutely adore our beloved Patriots. After winning Super Bowl 49, the Pats took a bunch of heat in the offseason from the media, opposing fans, and the NFL alike. We diehard fans choose to look at this as ‘Hatergate’, which is our name and rebuttal to the ‘Deflategate’ madness that has been out there this entire offseason, and now into this season. Even if the footballs were deflated, and the Patriots did have a slight edge, players still have to go out and play the game. We had the best players, therefore we won the title. Period. Point blank. End of discussion.

So, after watching the Pats dismantle the Squealers on Thursday night football this last week, the team now has the distinct pleasure of travelling up to Buffalo and hopefully kicking Rex Ryan and company square in the teeth. Belichick, Brady and company know Ryan well from his days with the New York Jets, and Ryan has never had the good side of the rivalry (although his teams have always competed well against the Pats). Ryan and his new team are drawing rave reviews for their defense, and they will surely run the ball very well in a Rex Ryan offense. But this should be a win, albeit a close game.

No, the Pats don’t have as good a team as they did last year. And no, I don’t think that they will win the Super Bowl again this year, but with Brady and Belichick, you know that you’re always going to be part of the conversation. Brady is hands down one of the top 5 greatest quarterbacks of all time, and that’s not even an argument. We can’t tell you what a pleasure it’s been to watch a great QB, especially one who was drafted #199 overall, do his magical work on a weekly basis for the past 15 plus years. He’s a surefire first-ballot hall of famer, and one that is so highly regarded in New England that we would be hard pressed to find a more popular Patriot football player.

We’re excited for this weekend, and I for one will be watching it from my grandmother’s couch in White Plains, NY when I travel there this weekend.

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Why we love Massachusetts

As we alluded to in our About page, we have a slight (very large) love for the state of Massachusetts. One of the reasons we do is the passion that the people in the state have for the Boston Red Sox. I’ve been living in Springfield, Mass for about 20 years now, and Springfield, like just about anywhere else in the state, is ripe with people sporting Boston ‘B’ hats showing their Red Sox pride. You might think ‘Any other state in the Union has people like this who support their favorite team’. But it’s different when you come from Boston.

Why is it different? I don’t know if I could properly sum it up in even 5000 words for you to read, so perhaps I’ll just post this cool little video, and you can be the judge for yourself…

We were going to post something a little more vulgar, but we’ll save that for later.

This gives you a glimpse into a bunch of different places you have to see when you travel to Boston (pronounced Bah-sten), but really the very best thing to do is to find a local resident, and ask them some questions. Normally, you’ll get some very friendly people, unless you venture to Southie, where you’ll need to watch out for Whitey Bulger (I joke, I joke).

For the time being, enjoy that video, and let us know your thoughts on our post in the comments below.

See you next time on jsomass.com.

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